Safely marking the way for the future


Here at Xcel Line Marking & Civils, we provide a wide range of line marking services. However, there is a lot more to just line marking your designated area, in fact there are many different areas in which we can help.

We can conduct other repairs on your area such as:

To concrete areas which range from small spaces to large service yards.

As well as providing your empty internal and external space with new line markings, we also repair and remove lines that are old or need replacing.

This includes filling small pot holes in full car parks or alterations with kerbs to maximise your space ready for fresh new line markings.

At Xcel Line Marking & Civils we go a little bit further and provide other services to your outside design needs:


We can provide bespoke designs as we will strive to accommodate to your needs.

Electric car charging points are becoming a thing of the future and we provide the ideal service with the white lining and signage.

Installation of blister paving to highlight new or existing crossing areas.

Supply and install new street furniture.

Any required alterations to existing kerb lines or landscaped areas in order to maximise car parking spaces where required.

Installation of speed restrictors from pre formed bee bumps which are quick to install to your existing surface and are very effective. Or we also offer the installation of tarmac speed humps, both options come with white lining and the installation of signage.

We also offer signs for your areas as well. Traffic signs are beneficial as they help you to:

Instruct people how to behave safely.

Prevent drivers moving their vehicles to areas where pedestrians or other drivers might not expect them.

By law, road signs used to warn or inform drivers and pedestrians in private workplaces must be the same as those used on public roads, wherever a suitable sign exists.

You should place signs so people have time to see and understand them, and take any action to reduce risks before they reach the hazard.

We will make sure that signs are:

Clear and easy to understand.

Obvious enough to be noticed.

Clean and well maintained so that they are always visible.

Reflective and lit if they need to be visible in darkness.