Poppy Appeal boosted through car park line marking

The Poppy Appeal has been given an injection of publicity via car park line marking.

National supermarket chain Sainsbury’s have commissioned the iconic poppy to be painted in their car parks. The design was based from the paper poppy which is sold around Remembrance Sunday. The poppies were painted on the human figures on the disabled and parent-child parking bays.

This year’s Remembrance Sunday event will mark over 71 years since WW2 ended. The Poppy Appeal raises millions of pounds each year for servicemen and women who need support and rehabilitation.

This year the charity is hoping to break a £40 million total with thanks to the added awareness and buzz from the pop-up poppy paintings.

Rethinking Remembrance

Anna Harland, the Department of Corporate Responsibility and Society’s head within Sainsbury’s said: “The Royal British Legion is such a fantastic cause and we hope that our pop-up poppies will help raise awareness of the charity among our shoppers.

“Following the help of our customers and colleagues over the last 22 years, we’re revving up our fundraising once more, and are well on the road to delivering another successful year.”

Sainsbury’s chose 22 of their supermarkets to have the poppies displayed in their car park line markings. This is because it symbolises the 22 year partnership that Sainsbury’s has had with The Royal British Legion.

One renowned artist who joined in the promotion of the painted poppies for this year’s Remembrance Day is Pegasus, a London street artist.

The charity has long supported the Armed Forces and their families from years ago to today. The campaign this year has been ‘Rethink Remembrance’. The appeal wants those donating to remember the soldiers from recent wars and deployment like in Afghanistan for example. The British Legion wants no serviceman to be forgotten and this appeal will help them no end.