Speeding Penalties To Increase To Reflect Severity of Offence

At the beginning of this year it was announced that speeding penalties are to be increased for serious or repeat offenders. New sentencing guidelines had been published by the Sentencing Council on the 24th January 2017. These increased penalties will become effective as of April 2017, so this month will see the increase of speeding penalties.

The increased speeding penalties have come to fruition due to the fact that the previous guidelines did not match the crime. The Sentencing Council have made various statements regarding the prevous guidelines, stating that the guidelines did not ‘properly take into account the increase in potential harm’. Speeding is very dangers and the punishment for these crimes had not seemed fitting.

The penalty for speeding has now been increased to the top band of seriousness. This is so that there is a clear increase of sentencing as the seriousness of offences increase. There needs to be a balance of what the courts considers a serious offence. For a long time speeding, has been taken on the chin with a few points knocked off of your license. This has not been the deterrent that the offenders have required.

Previous Guidelines Did Not Mirror The Changes In Laws

The previous guidelines stipulated that the fines started at 100% of their weekly income. However much money that offender earnt in a week would be the price of the fine. Under the new guidelines the fines will start at 150% of the offenders weekly income.

These changes have been made in order to reflect the changes in the law. In 2008 magistrates guidelines were updated since then many law have changed and yet the sentencing guidelines have stayed the same. The Sentencing Council are making a statement that when the law changes so should the sentences.

Speeding is a serious crime, the effects of speeding are detrimental to fellow drivers, pedestrians and yourself. The speeding penalties that have been put in place as of this month should therefore be a signal for more changes to come.