Walkways Line Marking

Safely marking the way for the future



External walkways are often to assign a pathway for pedestrians, but also to assign somewhere for cyclists to go as well. These line markings are there to safeguard those who are not in a vehicle. Detailed and obvious health and safety walkway markings are there to keep walkways and operating areas for machinery separate. They are needed in a potentially dangerous environment and are important because of this. Health and safety regulations have to be adhered to in that type of environment.

These external walkway markings are to ensure the safety of employees in their working area. Every area is very different, so we can also visit your workplace to assess its individual needs.

External walkway line markings provided by Xcel range from the typical white lines, to anti-skid coatings, symbols, lettering and a range of designs that reflect the typical highway road marking found across the UK.

Our professional approach to external line markings is comparable in detail to our internal line marking services. Precision, durability and managed installations provide customers with successful projects that are completed on time and used time and again by national organisations. The external line marking team are available to help when you need us. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, we are happy to help and advise wherever possible.