Roadway Line Marking

Safely marking the way for the future

Roadway Line Marking

Our roadway line marking provides clear signals to drivers, therefore helping with the direction of traffic and goes on to reduce the risk of accidents. This safeguards drivers and the general public from any possible danger, consequently keeping your roadway line markings in top condition a priority.

Here at Xcel Line Marking & Civils we have highly skilled workers who use the latest machinery to work with precision. This means lines are of a high quality and are durable to ensure long lasting markings that are not in need of repairs and updates every year. The quality of work also means that the finish will be resistant to many different varying weather conditions due to what the UK weather is known to be like. Roadway line markings are an essential part of keeping drivers and pedestrians safe.

We cover and can make a wide range of roadway line markings and adjustments to serve the purpose you require including:

Chevron markings

We can divide traffic heading in the same direction. This is typically on dual carriage ways and motorway slip roads.

Cat’s eyes

We install cat’s eyes in between the central broken lines for safety at night or in poor visibility.

Zebra crossings

Safely aid pedestrians crossing the road, including outside of schools or other public places.

White lines

Including give way, junctions and turnings.

Yellow lines

Including box junctions, no parking and zig zags outside of hospitals, schools, and police stations.

Cycle lanes

Designate a specific track for cyclists on the road.

Speed limit marking

We also cover numerical markings to make drivers aware of the speed restrictions in place.